Advanced Driving Courses In Sydney

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Drive Like A Professional

Why Join Our Advanced Driving Course in Sydney?

Our expertise in Car and Truck Driving is like no other. We offer premium services that will help you develop your confidence on the road no matter what vehicle you are driving.


Build Your on Road Confidence to Get Your License

Getting your license does not have to be a stressful process. Through our lessons we teach you all the skills you will need to pass your test. 

Various options to choose

Don’t Want to Learn in a Certain Vehicle?

No problem! We have plenty of other vehicles you can choose from! Check them out today. 

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Skilled and Experienced Instructors

With more than 20 years of experience in teaching people how to drive we will provide you with the skills you will need in order to pass your test. 

Heavy Vehicle

Heavy Vehicle Driving Training in Sydney

At Melissa Driving School we offer only the highest standard for all our vehicle training services. The Heavy Rigid Licence course includes training in both the theoretical and practical criteria. Our mission is to make sure all students are fully equipped with all the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence required to pass their assessment.

The Heavy Rigid training covers the necessary skills involved in safely operating heavy vehicles and encompassing defensive driving techniques. We put safety first, and make sure all our clients are satisfied with their overall training.

Heavy Vehicle Driving Training in Sydney

Truck Driving

Truck Driving Lesson in Liverpool Sydney

Our truck driving lesson in Liverpool includes the theory of driving, which will help you to understand how to drive a truck safely on the road. The practical day will allow you to get behind the wheel of a truck and practise your skills.

Driving Lesson Packages in Sydney

We understand that learning to drive can be hard at times. But, with our driving lesson packages we work to ensure that you are equipped with the skills you need to drive safely on the roads. To ultimately reduce stress and increase your on road confidence. Book with us today!