Professional Driving Lesson Packages In Liverpool, Sydney

Everyone loves the feeling of driving. So why should learning to drive be any different? At Melissa Driving School, a lifetime of good driving begins with your first hour at the wheel with out expert instructors.

We offer a range of specially designed driving packages to help support our students learning to drive. These package are a great way to warm feel confident before your driving test .

We specialise in putting learner drivers – first-timers and minimal experienced drivers – at ease. If you’re feeling anxious about learning to drive and are wanting a great deal at one of the best Sydney driving schools, we are the place to contact. Check out our courses and get in touch with our team today for a range of driving licenses.

Truck driving lesson in Liverpool

Choose Your Best Package

Driving courses
Advanced Driving Course

Get more out of your car and refine your vehicle knowledge and skills with our popular Advanced Driving course

Driving courses
Defensive Driving Course

Put techniques into practice with hands-on training and exercises in your own vehicle. You will learn essential maintenance and safety features of your vehicle.

Drive Like A Professional

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Heavy Vehicle

Heavy Vehicle Driving Training in Sydney

At Melissa Driving School we offer only the highest standard for all our vehicle training services. The Heavy Rigid Licence course includes training in both the theoretical and practical criteria. Our mission is to make sure all students are fully equipped with all the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence required to pass their assessment.

The Heavy Rigid training covers the necessary skills involved in safely operating heavy vehicles and encompassing defensive driving techniques. We put safety first, and make sure all our clients are satisfied with their overall training.

Heavy Vehicle Driving Training in Sydney

Truck Driving

Truck Driving Lesson in Liverpool Sydney

Our truck driving lesson in Liverpool includes the theory of driving, which will help you to understand how to drive a truck safely on the road. The practical day will allow you to get behind the wheel of a truck and practise your skills.

Heavy Vehicle Driving Training in Sydney

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